Build Now: Builders in Perth, WA Can Now Have Faster Construction Times

Builders in Perth, WA can now complete their projects and fulfil the dreams of aspiring home owners much quicker than ever, thanks to state reforms. Dubbed the ‘instant start initiative’, these reforms to Western Australia’s building approvals process for single residential housing projects allow registered builders to begin construction “upon lodging a certified permit application while the application was processed by local government,” as reported on Perth Now. Previously, building approvals that should only take 10 days to be issued took an average of 24 days to be processed. That meant homeowners had to spend an additional 3 weeks’ worth of rent when they could have moved into their new homes much sooner. The instant start initiative help ensure that such cases are a thing of the past.

Let the Sun In: Expert Perth Home Builder Constructs Your Dream Home

Perth recently had a record hot September day of 34.2 Celsius, beating an almost century-old record of 32.7 Celsius back in 1918. Temperatures that high make the perfect excuse to go to the beach, and fortunately, Perth is well-known for the sandy beaches that mark its coast. Why just visit though? With the help of an experienced Perth home builder from the likes of Buzz Homes, you can have your own home built in Western Australia’s jewel of a city. The great thing about Perth right now is that its property and housing market is perfect for setting up your new home, whether you have it built from the ground up or you buy one of the display homes for sale in Perth. Another benefit is that Perth’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) can get you $7,000 to $10,000 dollars on buying the land and building your first home– combined with a home loan, you’ll have enough cash on hand to set up your dream home. The process is very simple.

How to Find the Best Suburbs to Live in for First Home Buyers in Perth

Perth alone has 350 suburbs within its jurisdiction, and for those who want to own a house in the hustle and bustle of this populous city, then it might be quite difficult to decide which suburb is the best one for you. Perth first home buyers will have plenty of options to choose from as each location has its own fair share of benefits and advantages. Terry Ryder, founder of Hotspotting.com and a property observer, lists several Perth hotspots that show the best growth potential. In an article for Perth Now, Mr. Ryder shares how, “The City of Armadale, Belmont, Butler and Rockingham had potential as “ugly ducklings”. “Some suburbs were once shunned as downmarket but now are regarded as trendy – ugly ducklings can transform into real estate swans.” By ugly ducklings, he means suburbs which aren’t very popular but make good prospects for property investments.

Buying House and Land Packages in Perth Can Pay Off if Done Wisely

House and land packages in Perth are indeed the rage with investors nowadays in Western Australia, with the sheer number of homes being built. Making the right decisions in selecting the location will pay off big time down the road, as described by Rory O’Rourke in his article for Smart Property Investment. Booming industry The housing sector in Western Australia is enjoying a new home construction boom, according to data produced by the WA Housing Forecasting Group. From June 2013 to 2014, more than 28,000 homes were built, which translate to a 20% jump in new home construction compared with the previous year. The increasing number of investors buying house and land packages has helped contribute to this figure.

House vs. Condo: Advantages and Disadvantages

Where you live affects everything about you, so it’s important to examine the type of home you’ll buy when you’ve saved up enough. Houses and condos both have their pros and cons, and first-time buyers are usually divided in this issue. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your first home:


Condos are generally less-expensive than new homes for sale, mainly because of its smaller space. While the initial cost is cheaper, though, the limited area would be disadvantageous to bigger families.


What are your Options as a First Home Buyer?

Owning one’s first home is the realization of a dream for many, but the road towards that goal is definitely not made of yellow bricks. There are many obstacles to overcome, many factors to consider. One of the most significant decisions you’ll be making in the process is choosing what type of property to purchase. Here are three types of property that you will likely encounter on your home ownership journey:

A newly built home

Having a new home built is ideal if you have a specific design in mind or want to be more involved in the construction process. The downside is that the construction can take months, so patience will be necessary if you choose this option.


So Much Perth…in Perth

It's interesting to note that the city of Perth shares its name with four other areas, all of which are suburbs of this bustling metropolis.

North Perth
Located in the city of Vincent, North Perth is located just 3 km. away from the Perth central business district. It's one of the oldest suburbs in the area, with some brick-and-mortar homes still standing the test of time. It's also an affluent neighbourhood, with most families earning above the national median, according to statistics.


Pointers When Buying your First Home

Buying your first home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life. It is an intricate process that involves different factors in finance such as mortgages, loans, and insurance. It also requires finding realtors, attending open houses, having inspections and appraisals done before becoming a homeowner.

Here are some pointers to guide people out to purchase their first home:


Perth First Home Buyers Get $10,000 When You Sign Up for a New Home

Last month, we offered first home buyers in Perth an amazing deal: If you sign up with us for a house and land package, you need to pay only a meagre 1% deposit and you can get started! Plus, you’ll receive a whopping $10,000 bonus (on top of the First Home Owners Grant) that you can use toward your home. Due to popular demand, we’re extending the promo this December! So until December 31, 2014, you can sign up for a house and land package and get all the perks mentioned above. Take advantage of this limited deal for Perth first home buyers direct from the established new- home builder, Buzz Homes.

Summer Promo for Perth House and Land Packages Extended till Dec. 31

The summer heat continues as BuzzHomes extends its special offer on exciting house and land packages in Perth. Dubbed as the “Sizzling Summer Madness” promo, the special offering will now be running until the end of December 2014 and is certain to convince first-time homebuyers that it’s finally time to get their own houses. True to its name, the promo offers hot deals that clients simply can’t ignore. Homes built under this offer will get elegant floor coverings, elevations, and window treatments from Builder’s Range, along with 450x450mm floor tiles for the living areas. BuzzHomes will also include a 31 course ceiling, stainless steel 900mm cooking appliances, a rangehood, and shower screens that will add both beauty and value to the property.

Builders in Perth, WA Built Record-Breaking Number Of Houses This Year

According to statistics, more Western Australians in recent history are realizing their dream of building and owning their own abode. In a real estate feature article in Perth Now, the increasing numbers can be attributed to a booming population which has been keeping builders in Perth, WA quite busy lately. Industry upturn The efforts of federal, state, and local government has certainly paid off as their thoughtful policies have turned the housing sector in the right direction by increasing the supply of homes to be built, as well as by creating jobs in the building industry. Observers point out that for as long as there are homes to buy and affordable financing solutions, there is no stopping the growth here. In fact, the building industry is predicted to grow from AU$8.1 billion to AU$ 8.5 billion in the next financial year.

Home Builder in Perth Helps You Take Advantage of Construction Boom

This is good news for people starting a new life in Perth or want a new home of their own. The WA state capital boasts of having the country’s highest standard of living, with the mining industry tagged as one of the catalysts for such an astounding success. Although it is the most expensive state capital in the country, a rise in disposable incomes mitigates the high cost of living. If you’ve done well over the years but feel stifled by rentals, you can jump at the chance of having your own home. A home builder in Perth such as Buzz Homes will be your best ally to achieve that goal through home and land packages.

New Homes: Blank Canvases for Art Deco Dreams

Art deco will soon be classed as an antique, but the hundred-year-old style can still fit 21st century architectures to a tee. It might sound ironic for something new and something old to match, but new homes can truly be a perfect blank canvas for art deco. The bright and bold design trend can breathe life and personality into modern homes, which are usually built with minimalist concepts.

New homes for sale in Perth, more so, can be customised and furnished with art deco elements. Home builders typically use prefabricated layouts, which you can tweak to incorporate eye-catching geometric features through your choice of exterior elevations, floor coverings, tiles, and other design components. After construction, you can furnish rooms with luxurious furniture, lavish ornaments, and richly-coloured accents to complete the look.


Settling Down in the Land Down Under

There is an abundance of places in big, beautiful Australia to settle down in. No city is perfect and each one has its upsides and challenges, but more often the promise of stability and a great quality of life lures first home buyers direct to Perth.

Perth is picture perfect

Despite being one of the most isolated cities, Perth was voted among the top ten most liveable cities in the world (four of the ten best cities are in Australia). The rich culture, stable economy, and lively tourist industry make it worth a visit… and definitely worth settling down in.


Make Room, Make Room!

A look at designs for several house and land packages available in Perth will show varying numbers of bedrooms. Although extra bedrooms in the house can mean additional space, it’s better to determine which house design can suit you for the moment. You can start by answering questions on how many bedrooms you really need.


Sizzling Summer Deals Courtesy of a Trustworthy Perth Home Builder

Australian homebuyers are growing more practical when it comes to choosing residential suburbs. According to real estate info site RealEstate.com.au, suburbs with direct access to major thoroughfares like Mount Hawthorn and Nedlands are the most-searched zones. With a vast network of highways linking Perth and adjacent cities, the daily commute should be less of a problem. Make the quest toward home ownership more rewarding with Buzz Homes' summer madness promo! With a 1 percent deposit, the most trusted home builder in Perth can provide you with the best home your budget can buy. Fancy a home that sits a few feet above ground level? A 900mm top quality cooking appliance package? Exquisite floor coverings and window treatments? We can do all that—and more!

Renowned Perth Home Builder Launches Sizzling Hot Summer Promotion

With summer just over a month away, BuzzHomes, a renowned Perth home builder, has decided to make the weather sizzling hot a little early as the company launches its latest seasonal promotion. Dubbed as Sizzling Summer Madness, the special offering will run from November 1 to 30 of the current year and will give first-time homebuyers enough reason to finally stop renting and start owning the dream house they’ve always wanted. The company’s promotional offering will give first-time homebuyers in Western Australia the chance to buy and build brand new homes that come fully packed with features and additions. As part of this seasonal promo, every customer that signs up will get to have deluxe designer elevations, floor coverings and window treatments from Builder’s Range, and 450x450mm floor tiles for the living areas for their new homes.

WA Real Estate: Essential Info and Tips for Perth First Home Buyers

The Perth housing market has encountered massive growth, thanks to the mining boom that Western Australia is currently in. According to a survey, direct mining employment in Perth experienced a whopping 128 percent increase, rising from 44,491 to 101,698 between 2003 and 2013. With the mining boom in full swing, shopping for a new home can indeed be an exciting time for home buyers everywhere, most especially Perth first home buyers. Unfortunately for the latter, without help or knowledge, you can be susceptible to mistakes that keep you from owning the ideal home at a price you can afford.

Home Builders in Perth, WA: How to Make the Moving Process Easier

You can feel confident with the new home you move into when you have it built by trusted builders in Perth, WA like BuzzHomes. These reliable firms have been realising the dreams of many Australian families for many years, so you know you can fully entrust your housing needs to them. The houses they build offer the perfect balance of quality, affordability, and aesthetics. If you’re moving from another state, the process is going to be more challenging than moving from another city or neighbourhood. Before moving to a Perth community, you need to ensure that you’re compatible with the lifestyle so you won’t find yourself in a hard-to-reverse real estate deal. To make the move easier, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research.

Going for a Baldivis Property

If you’re in the market for house and land packages in the Perth area, it is often prudent to check out which suburbs offer the most number of opportunities for your preferred developer to build your dream house. A look at the marked suburbs can gradually narrow down on one specific suburb that’s generating a lot of buzz in the H&L arena: Baldivis.


Points to Ponder—Buying a Home vs. Retirement Fund

One of the biggest financial decisions faced by new couples today is to choose between establishing a retirement fund and buying a new home. Most couples in their 20s or 30s won’t be able to afford both, so they’ll have to choose one over the other. If you count yourselves among these couples, you need to talk with your spouse about your financial goals and what really matters to you both.


4 Questions for the First-Time Home Buyer

Buying your very first home is an exhilarating experience, especially when it’s in beautiful, sunny Perth. But while your head might be in the clouds, a first home buyer should have their feet planted firmly on the ground to avoid stumbling hard along the way. Here are four questions to consider before you proceed:


Get Great Property Value by Choosing Display Homes

In the past, display homes often did not appeal to investors and prospective homeowners as these types of builds were mass produced and had little to no custom features.

Beef Up Your Brand-new Home’s Security

When choosing where to build your home in Perth, you might want to get a good idea of the security profile of each prospective neighbourhood beforehand. Yet regardless of the relative lack of security concerns at a particular site, it pays to be involved in your home’s actual design and make sure it has adequate precautionary measures in place.


Why are House and Land Packages the Best for You?

For many people, home ownership remains a primary goal. Many flock to real estate listings in search of the hottest properties on the market while others prefer to deal with home builders who can construct their dream homes from scratch. Those that fall under the latter category would have to purchase a house and land package to realize their dreams.


BuzzHomes Extends its Popular Promotion for First-Home Buyers in Perth

BuzzHomes, a trusted home builder brand and company in the Western Australia area, is happy to announce the extension of their popular promotion for first-home buyers in Perth. The current promotion, which calls for home-buyers to put up just 1% of the property value as deposit, has been extended after it received an overwhelming number of positive responses from property hunters and newlyweds. The company fully understands that for many first-time homebuyers, the process of searching the market for an affordable and suitable personal domiciles can be one of the toughest tasks they would have to endure. With this in mind, BuzzHomes envisioned the 1% deposit promo as a viable and attractive avenue for prospective clients to have access to quality homes at very flexible terms. Since its rollout, many property buyers have been able to get their first piece of real estate that fits their exact needs and financial capabilities.

What Matters Most in Buying a New Home

When you’re buying a house, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that all your boxes will never get ticked. The chances of finding the perfect house to suit all your needs are next to none. In effect, shopping for a house to live in is an exercise in compromising. That means you’ve got to adjust to what’s available and prioritise certain features you want for your future home.

Location, location, location

Your first priority should be determining the location of your future home. This will have a domino effect on your family’s quality of life eventually. Its distance from important destinations such as commercial and school districts may become a source of stress for everyone. Also consider the quality of the neighbourhood and its influence on the family.

Size matters

Land size is the next priority on your list. Make sure the property is big enough to accommodate the family’s needs, i.e. recreation space, utility area, garden, pool, and the like. Unless you’re interested in some of the new homes for sale in Perth, don’t be put off by minor fixes for the sake of curb appeal.

If it doesn’t work, change it

If the first two items on your priority list are there but there is something about the house’s layout that isn’t working for you, consider remodelling to make it work. Charge it to experience and your efforts to make your home as perfect as possible.

Moving into Your New Perth House and Land: Tips for a Stress-free Move

Indeed, moving into a new home is an activity that very few people would call ‘fun’. The preparation alone can keep you busy for a long time—there’s so much cleaning, planning, and packing up to do. Not to mention, all these need to be done even before you get into your car and be on your way to your new home in Perth. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the stress of the process. Below are some tips from realestate.com.au that you can use whether you plan to use the services of a removalist, or take care of the move yourself and hire a van or trailer.

More Time to Get Perth House and Land Packages at a Cool 1% Deposit!

Ever dreamed you could stop paying rent and start living in your own home? BuzzHomes can make your dream a reality! We’re extending our 1% deposit promo from 30 September to 31 October 2014. The best house and land packages in Perth have never been so affordable! Owning a house is a lot more beneficial than you think. Aside from the option to customise every area of your home, ownership also allows you to build home equity. You can access this value to meet numerous other expenses, such as home care and co-payments—things you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve as a renter.

New Homes for Sale in Perth: Making the Purchase Process Go Smoothly

Though owning a house is a dream come true for many, the process of purchasing one can be quite a stressful experience because it often involves decisions that come with huge financial and emotional repercussions. Thankfully, with the right kind of planning, knowledge, and a little support, the home-buying process can go as smooth and stress-free as possible. In buying a new home, the first step should always be to look at what you can afford and how you’ll be paying for it. As a financial safety net, it will be wise to ensure that your monthly mortgage payments stay below 25 percent of your gross monthly income.

When Package Deals for First-Home Buyers Work

When checking out housing options for the very first time in your life, some advice thrown your way would delve into getting house and land packages. Advocates of such a housing option may tell you it’s a good choice, but the more they egg you on, the more it stokes your curiosity. This leads first home buyers to direct their efforts at researching why buying a house-and-land is in their favour.
An Array of Flavours
A preferred house and land packages developer will have a variety of pre-drafted architectural designs for you to choose from. Further scrutiny into each of them will also tell you that they are structurally sound and conform to local zoning and building regulations. This saves you the headache and funds for hiring an architect to draft the design- and suddenly realising that what they drafted was not to your specs.
The “land” part of a house-and-land package bears great attention to detail. Many plots eyed by your developer may have full surveys backing them up. In addition, the size of the subject property will short-list the choice of house designs to a few that best suit the place.
Reputable H&L companies will aid you in choosing the package that best works with your financing resources. Depending on the specifications and other factors, they can bill you no more than a couple of hundred dollars a week, starting from the construction kickoff.

Treading Carefully in Buying a House

Buying a new house, especially those you can find through sellers of house land packages in the Perth area, may seem like an offer you can’t refuse. There’s the property and the chosen house design coming together. However, the road to a successful first home will have its own set of challenges for you to handle.
Fine Print
There will be a lot of paperwork needed to finalise the project altogether, but signing on the dotted lines in what you think is record time can be a disaster waiting to happen. As such, you should dedicate some time to read all the documents down to the last line of fine print and clarify unfamiliar things with the developer, who can explain it in simple terms. You also educate yourself on the nuances of home building with every document you read.
Iron is Still Hot
Ask the home builder about the current rates for your prospective property and the market conditions. If there are indications of prices going up before long, you will have to push ahead with the project.
Change Here, Replace there
A house land package is meant to be built according to your preferences and will feature some style cues and quality fixtures. However, what if a look-see through all of the fixtures shows you that a few of them might not fit at all? You will have to talk to your home builder right away about any changes, but be prepared for additional charges.

Choosing a House and Land Package

If you’re thinking of getting a house built, you basically have two options: either buy the house and the land separately, or opt for packages that offer you both for a fraction of the cost. Such packages are typically offered in new development areas, and they often come with a pre-determined house plan that suits the nature of the block of land.
While house and land packages might limit your choice of neighbourhoods, you might find that many of the locations you can choose from are prime real estate, being new developments, that you could eventually profit from or use as an investment. Of course, it’s important that you choose a good location that isn’t too far from your basic needs.
Customised Home
If you’re buying a pre-built home, you basically have no control over how it looks, unless you want to spend a lot on renovations. However, should you choose to have one built from the ground up with the help of an efficient home building firm, you can customise it to your heart’s content without the added cost of renovation.
Choosing a home and land package means that your house is still pretty much non-existent, so all the factors that cause the price of pre-built homes to balloon still cannot be included in the sale. This means that you can get it for a much affordable price than the alternative.

Picking a New House Plan

If you’re in the market for new homes for sale in the Perth area, some homebuilders may advise you to go for home and land packages. Think about it, the homebuilder already has an array of plots for your choosing and all that’s needed is to have the house constructed according to pre-approved blueprints. However, choosing the one blueprint is going to make or break your accounts, so you need to tread carefully.


House Builders in Perth, WA Makes Home Ownership as Easy as Possible

Under these conditions, buying property in Perth has become even more attractive than ever. Those who are intimidated by the entire home buying process should consider the services offered by Perth house and land package providers, like Buzz Homes. They make home ownership a smooth and straightforward process, beginning with a set of beautiful home designs their clients can choose from. They then help their clients determine the budget, and identify the location that would meet their budget requirements. While home buyers choose from these providers’ existing home designs, they are still given a lot of room for customization. This is especially true for providers who are also experienced house builders in Perth, WA, as these professionals have the right skills and knowhow to provide customization while keeping within the clients’ budgets.

Home Builders in Perth Make Owning Your Dream House More Affordable

There’s even more good news for those who wish to invest in a home, but are wary about putting up a large upfront payment. Several home builders in Australia are offering affordable house and land packages, under arrangements that particularly favor first time home buyers. In fact, a home builder in Perth like Buzz Homes take every step necessary to help their clients find the right financing that would work with the clients’ financial goals and situations. Home building professionals can also offer other affordable alternatives to their clients, such as beautiful display homes for sale in Perth that are no less attractive than those that are built from scratch, but are ready for immediate occupancy. These homes can be more desirable for those who wish to give up renting immediately, and put their money into a real investment.

House and Land Packages in Perth: 1% Deposit Gets You Your Dream Home!

This year is definitely the best time to invest in house and land packages in Perth as interest rates remain quite low. Banks welcome loan applications, and interest rates are expected to remain affordable for a while longer. But hey! This shouldn't keep you from buying as early as now! Why continue paying rent when you can live in greater comfort within your own personal space? Remember—the money you pay for rent over the years can amount to as much to the cost of a brand-new house. Wouldn’t you rather spend all that money on an asset you can truly call your own?

Buzz Homes Offers 1% Deposit Homes for First Time Home Buyers in Perth

Perth, Western Australia (August 6, 2014) – Buzz Homes, a home building company, announced their new promo that will allow first home buyers in Perth to own their dream home for just a deposit of 1% of total home value. Buzz Homes is now offering first home buyers an affordable option to buy a new home. They are also offering first home owners grants worth $10,000 for eligible applicants that can be deducted on property taxes. Applicants can choose from a variety of home designs that are modern in style and unique in quality. With an affordable deposit price and a first home buyers’ grant for Perth residents, this is the most affordable deal Buzz homes can offer. The promo will run from August 23, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

The Perfect Time to Buy a Home

When is the perfect time to buy your first home? It’s a question commonly asked by people who are currently renting. The answer however, is not that cut-and-dry. It all boils down to whether you feel purchasing a home is the right step for you. However, there are certain life factors that do help make the decision-making process easier, such as:


Perth House Hunting: Seek House and Land Packages

When looking for their first home in the big cities of Western Australia, many opt to go for an apartment or a condo. However, instead of such cramped surroundings, why not go for space as you would have when you buy a house and land package deal in the Perth area. You’ll have to wait for the house to be built to move in, but you get the house you’ve helped design.  Living in a house on your own lot more than offsets the wait and other known risks. Consider these advantages:


Picking the Best Lot Out There

Going for house and land packages through Perth developers may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. The “land” part of the equation deserves a lot of study, given that the developer will only have a select list of plots to help you choose where to have your dream home built. There are some cardinal points to take into mind.


Buying New Construction Homes from Builders in Perth, WA? Financial Facts

Intrinsically, buying a home already has some risks attached, as part of the “taking the plunge” aspects of home ownership. This is doubled though when you’re buying a lot in a new community, since you will have little idea of what the living conditions will end up looking like, such as neighbours who will set up their home next to you, or building that will rise around you. Make sure to save up enough to adapt to these future changes. Buying a new house and land in Perth carries with it the benefit of customization options and overall affordability. However, it always pays to know, at the very least, what further expenses you might be getting yourself into, so you can build your budget to meet these needs.

Tips for Choosing a Locale in Perth

Australia is one big, beautiful country, which makes choosing the right locale to settle in a bit of a challenge. Each city has its upsides and challenges, but it is ultimately up to the homeowners to decide which location will serve their needs best.

Pretty Perth
Though one of the most isolated cities, Perth was voted among the top ten most liveable cities in the world. The rich culture, stable economy, and lively tourist industry truly make it worth visiting, and even living in.


Reasons to Choose New Homes for Sale in Perth instead of a Resell

Most modern homes are designed to be as safe and secure as a house can be, with everything from heavy-duty doors and locks to self-locking windows. Homes equipped with high quality and durable heating and cooling also will stand out better than homes with furnaces from a bygone age. In a nutshell, new home construction is smarter value-wise than buying used because it offers many of the perks of the modern house without the perils of antiquated fixtures and appliances in old homes. Of course, the success of your newly constructed home will depend as much on the skill of your Perth home builder, so make sure to look up only established names in the industry, such as BuzzHomes.

Important Tips to Try Before Buying House and Land Packages in Perth

Would you choose the perfect house over the perfect neighbourhood in all of Western Australia, or is it the other way around? What if you didn’t have to pick one over the other? Indeed, getting house and land packages from Perth home builders like BuzzHomes allow you to pick a location first, and then build your perfect house next. Before you sign in on this venture, though, there are a few things you should know about it. Choosing Locations Don’t even look into specific blocks of land just yet—what’s important is that you choose a neighbourhood that you think will suit your lifestyle just right. Consider factors like amenities, schools, emergency services, and the like. Be sure to have a list of two or more potential locations so that you have a wide scope of options when you visit your builder later on.

First-home Buyers in Perth Treated to Easier-to-browse New Website

Balcatta, Western Australia (8 July 2014) – Since it first set out in the market as a company dedicated to helping first-home buyers in Perth create the house of their dreams, BuzzHomes has constantly strived to make the process easier for these individuals. In line with that goal, the company has recently launched a new, redesigned website. BuzzHomes’ new website is part of an initiative to make it easier for first-time home owners to discover the home of their dreams. The redesigned website takes on a mobile-responsive approach, which allows the tech-savvy young home buyers to browse through the website on their mobile gadgets without experiencing reduced functionality when switching between devices.

Grant for First Home Buyers in Western Australia

Western Australia-based couples who decide they are ready to buy their first home should know that doing so takes commitment and effort. While they are willing to devote their time and energy to finding their ideal home, they also need to be financially ready for the accompanying costs. Fortunately, couples can rely on the assistance of the Federal Government through the First Home Owners Grant or FHOG.

FHOG was introduced in 2000 to assist first-time home buyers and offset the impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Under the conditions of FHOG in Western Australia, first-time home buyers will be provided with $10,000 when purchasing or building a new home, while $3,000 will be given to those purchasing an established home—as long as the property doesn’t cost more than $750,000.


Choosing a Suburb in Perth for Your Home

Choosing the design of your new home is one of the most exciting moments for a first-time home buyer. However, do not let gorgeous kitchens and spacious halls distract you from another important aspect of your new home: its location.

The location of your home is just as important as the beauty of its design. After all, living in a suburb you do not like takes away a lot from the satisfaction of owning a beautiful home. With that in mind, here are some simple tips for choosing a suburb to live in:


Making the Right House and Land Choice

Many people work hard so they could finally buy a house of their own. For some, buying a house is a sign of maturity and a step towards bigger things. In the realm of property sales, many things are to be considered, such as the main construction material and where the house will be built. When finding the land on which to establish the house seems to be a problem, consider going the distance by getting reasonable house and land packages.


Effective Tips for Buying Newly Constructed Homes

When buying a house, people opt for one of two popular choices: they find a real estate agent and find a house its owners want to sell; or they look around for builders selling newly built homes. If you choose to do the latter, you can get the benefit of customizing the place whichever way you want, as a perk of being the first owner.


Making the FHOG Cut

The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) has become a boon to Australian first home buyers who are determined to have their own abodes. Formally known as the First Home Owner Grant Act of 2000, the programme is meant to counterbalance the higher housing expenses brought forth by the Goods and Services Tax Act.


Tips for the Efficient Use of Open Floor Plans

An open layout allows two or more sections of the house to use a common space (e.g. the kitchen and dining area). This can result to a more spacious feel, as partitions are eliminated. It also has other benefits, such as a more manageable layout, reduced energy consumption, and spaces that can be reoriented for different functions. If you're adopting a home with an open floor plan, keep the following pointers in mind to optimize its efficiency:


The Approval Process for Home Building in Perth

As mandated by the Building Act 2011, those who wish to build a new house in Western Australia need to secure a building permit first. Would-be homeowners can do this by filing either a certified application or an uncertified one. While both have their own pros and cons, either of these options is viable when building a detached house, which is classified as a Class 1A Building under the Building Code of Australia.


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