December 2014

Build Now: Builders in Perth, WA Can Now Have Faster Construction Times

Builders in Perth, WA can now complete their projects and fulfil the dreams of aspiring home owners much quicker than ever, thanks to state reforms. Dubbed the ‘instant start initiative’, these reforms to Western Australia’s building approvals process for single residential housing projects allow registered builders to begin construction “upon lodging a certified permit application while the application was processed by local government,” as reported on Perth Now. Previously, building approvals that should only take 10 days to be issued took an average of 24 days to be processed. That meant homeowners had to spend an additional 3 weeks’ worth of rent when they could have moved into their new homes much sooner. The instant start initiative help ensure that such cases are a thing of the past.

Let the Sun In: Expert Perth Home Builder Constructs Your Dream Home

Perth recently had a record hot September day of 34.2 Celsius, beating an almost century-old record of 32.7 Celsius back in 1918. Temperatures that high make the perfect excuse to go to the beach, and fortunately, Perth is well-known for the sandy beaches that mark its coast. Why just visit though? With the help of an experienced Perth home builder from the likes of Buzz Homes, you can have your own home built in Western Australia’s jewel of a city. The great thing about Perth right now is that its property and housing market is perfect for setting up your new home, whether you have it built from the ground up or you buy one of the display homes for sale in Perth. Another benefit is that Perth’s First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) can get you $7,000 to $10,000 dollars on buying the land and building your first home– combined with a home loan, you’ll have enough cash on hand to set up your dream home. The process is very simple.

How to Find the Best Suburbs to Live in for First Home Buyers in Perth

Perth alone has 350 suburbs within its jurisdiction, and for those who want to own a house in the hustle and bustle of this populous city, then it might be quite difficult to decide which suburb is the best one for you. Perth first home buyers will have plenty of options to choose from as each location has its own fair share of benefits and advantages. Terry Ryder, founder of and a property observer, lists several Perth hotspots that show the best growth potential. In an article for Perth Now, Mr. Ryder shares how, “The City of Armadale, Belmont, Butler and Rockingham had potential as “ugly ducklings”. “Some suburbs were once shunned as downmarket but now are regarded as trendy – ugly ducklings can transform into real estate swans.” By ugly ducklings, he means suburbs which aren’t very popular but make good prospects for property investments.

Buying House and Land Packages in Perth Can Pay Off if Done Wisely

House and land packages in Perth are indeed the rage with investors nowadays in Western Australia, with the sheer number of homes being built. Making the right decisions in selecting the location will pay off big time down the road, as described by Rory O’Rourke in his article for Smart Property Investment. Booming industry The housing sector in Western Australia is enjoying a new home construction boom, according to data produced by the WA Housing Forecasting Group. From June 2013 to 2014, more than 28,000 homes were built, which translate to a 20% jump in new home construction compared with the previous year. The increasing number of investors buying house and land packages has helped contribute to this figure.

House vs. Condo: Advantages and Disadvantages

Where you live affects everything about you, so it’s important to examine the type of home you’ll buy when you’ve saved up enough. Houses and condos both have their pros and cons, and first-time buyers are usually divided in this issue. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your first home:


Condos are generally less-expensive than new homes for sale, mainly because of its smaller space. While the initial cost is cheaper, though, the limited area would be disadvantageous to bigger families.


What are your Options as a First Home Buyer?

Owning one’s first home is the realization of a dream for many, but the road towards that goal is definitely not made of yellow bricks. There are many obstacles to overcome, many factors to consider. One of the most significant decisions you’ll be making in the process is choosing what type of property to purchase. Here are three types of property that you will likely encounter on your home ownership journey:

A newly built home

Having a new home built is ideal if you have a specific design in mind or want to be more involved in the construction process. The downside is that the construction can take months, so patience will be necessary if you choose this option.


So Much Perth…in Perth

It's interesting to note that the city of Perth shares its name with four other areas, all of which are suburbs of this bustling metropolis.

North Perth
Located in the city of Vincent, North Perth is located just 3 km. away from the Perth central business district. It's one of the oldest suburbs in the area, with some brick-and-mortar homes still standing the test of time. It's also an affluent neighbourhood, with most families earning above the national median, according to statistics.


Pointers When Buying your First Home

Buying your first home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life. It is an intricate process that involves different factors in finance such as mortgages, loans, and insurance. It also requires finding realtors, attending open houses, having inspections and appraisals done before becoming a homeowner.

Here are some pointers to guide people out to purchase their first home:


Perth First Home Buyers Get $10,000 When You Sign Up for a New Home

Last month, we offered first home buyers in Perth an amazing deal: If you sign up with us for a house and land package, you need to pay only a meagre 1% deposit and you can get started! Plus, you’ll receive a whopping $10,000 bonus (on top of the First Home Owners Grant) that you can use toward your home. Due to popular demand, we’re extending the promo this December! So until December 31, 2014, you can sign up for a house and land package and get all the perks mentioned above. Take advantage of this limited deal for Perth first home buyers direct from the established new- home builder, Buzz Homes.

Summer Promo for Perth House and Land Packages Extended till Dec. 31

The summer heat continues as BuzzHomes extends its special offer on exciting house and land packages in Perth. Dubbed as the “Sizzling Summer Madness” promo, the special offering will now be running until the end of December 2014 and is certain to convince first-time homebuyers that it’s finally time to get their own houses. True to its name, the promo offers hot deals that clients simply can’t ignore. Homes built under this offer will get elegant floor coverings, elevations, and window treatments from Builder’s Range, along with 450x450mm floor tiles for the living areas. BuzzHomes will also include a 31 course ceiling, stainless steel 900mm cooking appliances, a rangehood, and shower screens that will add both beauty and value to the property.

Builders in Perth, WA Built Record-Breaking Number Of Houses This Year

According to statistics, more Western Australians in recent history are realizing their dream of building and owning their own abode. In a real estate feature article in Perth Now, the increasing numbers can be attributed to a booming population which has been keeping builders in Perth, WA quite busy lately. Industry upturn The efforts of federal, state, and local government has certainly paid off as their thoughtful policies have turned the housing sector in the right direction by increasing the supply of homes to be built, as well as by creating jobs in the building industry. Observers point out that for as long as there are homes to buy and affordable financing solutions, there is no stopping the growth here. In fact, the building industry is predicted to grow from AU$8.1 billion to AU$ 8.5 billion in the next financial year.

Home Builder in Perth Helps You Take Advantage of Construction Boom

This is good news for people starting a new life in Perth or want a new home of their own. The WA state capital boasts of having the country’s highest standard of living, with the mining industry tagged as one of the catalysts for such an astounding success. Although it is the most expensive state capital in the country, a rise in disposable incomes mitigates the high cost of living. If you’ve done well over the years but feel stifled by rentals, you can jump at the chance of having your own home. A home builder in Perth such as Buzz Homes will be your best ally to achieve that goal through home and land packages.

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