Tips for the Efficient Use of Open Floor Plans

An open layout allows two or more sections of the house to use a common space (e.g. the kitchen and dining area). This can result to a more spacious feel, as partitions are eliminated. It also has other benefits, such as a more manageable layout, reduced energy consumption, and spaces that can be reoriented for different functions. If you're adopting a home with an open floor plan, keep the following pointers in mind to optimize its efficiency:

Use Free-Standing Furniture
To maintain the versatility of the open plan, movable furniture and objects are preferable. Avoid those that need to be glued or wired to the wall. Free-standing furniture can also be more easily positioned to work with appliances that have to be connected to water and gas sources.

Conceal Features
To get the most out of an open kitchen plan, go for foldable countertops and similar features. These will allow for more space when the countertops are not needed, or the easy conversion of the space’s function (e.g. a kitchen that doubles as a temporary office). You may also need to invest in cupboards and drawers for storage of utensils and ingredients, as external hangers may ruin the profile of the kitchen.

Combine Kitchen and Dining
A centre-aisle countertop can also be used as a dining table, thus saving on buying a separate dining table set. Food can be served fresher from the stove if the gap between the stove and dining area is as close as possible. 

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