May 2015

Making a Designer Home on a Budget: It’s Possible!

New homes for sale in Perth are ripe with design opportunities, and with their contemporary layouts and features, you can easily turn any of them into a designer home after the construction phase. You won’t have to splurge on luxury brands, though; you just need to keep a few pointers from home design experts in mind.


How to Save on Your Mortgage or Repay It Earlier

There would always be a lot of considerations that need to be pondered by first home buyers direct from Perth companies offering residential property loans. You may have been given several options on how your mortgage will work and how you can repay it. Sure, you can stick to the standard or minimum requirements and pay it off on time (in 30 years, perhaps), but you can finish the repayment more quickly, which can give you financial freedom earlier as well.


What is a Construction Loan?

When buying an established home, you’ll need the entire amount of the loan withdrawn at once. This is in stark contrast to buying a home that is built from scratch, as construction takes place in phases, and paying a loan for a finished house when it is actually under construction is less favourable to the borrower. For future homeowners who prefer to have their home built, they can turn to a construction loan.


Moving House 101: Get to Know the Neighbourhood

After you invest in that house and land package in Perth, moving into a new house in a new neighbourhood can be an exciting time—but it can also be intimidating. To be truly happy in your new home, get ready to spend some time outside it and get to know the neighbourhood. Jog in the morning and bid the people you meet a good day. Walk around in the evening and take in all the sights and sounds. 


House and Land in Perth: Now’s a Good Time to Purchase Your First Home

You now have a stable job and a bright future ahead. If there is one thing your friends and family will keep pestering you about (apart from asking how soon you are getting married), though, it would be whether you already have your own home. Hopefully, you are reading this because you’ve carefully weighed your options and are now ready to take the first steps towards your first-ever home purchase. Western Australia: A vibrant first-home purchase environment A study from Mortgage Choice identifies Queensland and Western Australia as the two Australian states with the highest first home buyer activity. According to the study, first home buyers from these states accounted for almost 20 per cent of the loans for February this year. In contrast, borrowers from New South Wales accounted for less than 5 per cent of the month’s total.

Perth Home Builder: On Being a Guarantor for Your Child’s First Home

According to a recent study by the National Australia Bank (NAB), first home buyers, even those in their 30s, are increasingly turning to their families to get on the property ladder. From 4.8 percent in 2010, 6.7 percent of first home buyers today are opting to use the NAB Family Guarantee. In the 2015 fiscal year, 73 percent of the total number of NAB Family Guarantee users belonged to the 20 to 29 age bracket. Twenty-one per cent of the users were between 30 and 39. Even teens were in on the action, with 3 per cent of the users ages 19 and below.

Wealth Management Pro Tells Perth First Home Buyers: “Do What You Can”

Mark Bouris, executive chairman of Sydney-based wealth management company Yellow Brick Road, recently shared some advice regarding first-time home ownership: “Do what you can.” Market forces will either play in or against your favour, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. If house prices are on the rise, Bouris writes, worrying won’t get you anywhere. Instead, focus on the things you can control—like adjusting your savings strategy and getting a more suitable mortgage—than try to change things you can’t.

Now’s the Best Time to Invest in House and Land Packages in Perth

The Australian dream, i.e. the privilege of owning one’s own home, remains very much alive. Indeed, REMAX Western Australia managing director Geoff Baldwin recently urged renters to take advantage of the spike in housing inventory by acquiring affordable house and land packages in Perth. According to Propertyology, the winding down of the region’s mining industry reallocated labour towards construction, which helped pave the way for an increase in Perth’s housing supply. Propertyology also highlighted the Perth market as having the most active first-time homebuyers in Australia. However, as far as property choices go, more first-time homebuyers are eager to build their own homes than buy existing structures. The significant bulk of leverage rests on grants and other local and federal housing programs.

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