House vs. Condo: Advantages and Disadvantages

Where you live affects everything about you, so it’s important to examine the type of home you’ll buy when you’ve saved up enough. Houses and condos both have their pros and cons, and first-time buyers are usually divided in this issue. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your first home:


Condos are generally less-expensive than new homes for sale, mainly because of its smaller space. While the initial cost is cheaper, though, the limited area would be disadvantageous to bigger families.


Condominium buildings are usually located in the heart of the metropolis, where commercial offices reside. If your work is located in the city, commuting or driving would be easier. Grocery stores, shopping malls and other places of convenience are generally within walking distance.

Equity and Investment

Whenever the real estate market declines, condominiums are usually the ones hit first, and they tend to be harder to resell. A house’s value, on the other hand, steadily increases over time.

The Verdict

Condos are most suitable for young professionals focusing on their careers, while houses are the best option for families and couples planning to start a family. Are you just looking for a place to hang your hat, or do you want to make a long-term investment? In the end, the right choice depends on your goals, lifestyle and social status. Before thinking about costs and location, think of your motivations for wanting to secure a property, and start from there.

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