So Much Perth…in Perth

It's interesting to note that the city of Perth shares its name with four other areas, all of which are suburbs of this bustling metropolis.

North Perth
Located in the city of Vincent, North Perth is located just 3 km. away from the Perth central business district. It's one of the oldest suburbs in the area, with some brick-and-mortar homes still standing the test of time. It's also an affluent neighbourhood, with most families earning above the national median, according to statistics.

East Perth
While literally located east of the city of Perth, East Perth falls under the West & Central suburbs as far as the entire region is concerned. According to, most homes in this part of Perth are multilevel apartments, some looking like single-family homes. Its proximity to the heart of the city warrant making the most out of the limited space.

West Perth
Also located in Perth, West Perth is mostly on the commercial side, with offices outnumbering homes. It's also a government centre, being home of the state parliament.

South Perth

South Perth is both a city and a suburb. It's the northernmost suburb of South Perth, which became an independent municipality in 1902. Low-maintenance, strategic housing provides a majestic view of Perth's economic hub in motion from the other side of Swan River. It's also a major entertainment hub with downtown bars. 

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