Settling Down in the Land Down Under

There is an abundance of places in big, beautiful Australia to settle down in. No city is perfect and each one has its upsides and challenges, but more often the promise of stability and a great quality of life lures first home buyers direct to Perth.

Perth is picture perfect

Despite being one of the most isolated cities, Perth was voted among the top ten most liveable cities in the world (four of the ten best cities are in Australia). The rich culture, stable economy, and lively tourist industry make it worth a visit… and definitely worth settling down in.

Are all your boxes checked?

Before re-locating to a new environment, there are a number of factors to consider:
  • Is the plot of land you're interested situated in a remote area?
  • Are there other families in the neighbourhood?
  • Is it far from the workplace as well as other infrastructure?
  • How long is the commute?

Also note that if you choose a house on an incline (for a view of the area below), be prepared to pay more for construction since your house has to be either built into the hill or above it.

More than just a builder

If you’re looking to start building today and move in tomorrow, consult a builder that also secures permits, provides pre-drawn house designs, and even process financing. Going to a one stop shop will save time and money because you’ve got all you need under one roof. Don't make your move without them.

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