November 2014

New Homes: Blank Canvases for Art Deco Dreams

Art deco will soon be classed as an antique, but the hundred-year-old style can still fit 21st century architectures to a tee. It might sound ironic for something new and something old to match, but new homes can truly be a perfect blank canvas for art deco. The bright and bold design trend can breathe life and personality into modern homes, which are usually built with minimalist concepts.

New homes for sale in Perth, more so, can be customised and furnished with art deco elements. Home builders typically use prefabricated layouts, which you can tweak to incorporate eye-catching geometric features through your choice of exterior elevations, floor coverings, tiles, and other design components. After construction, you can furnish rooms with luxurious furniture, lavish ornaments, and richly-coloured accents to complete the look.


Settling Down in the Land Down Under

There is an abundance of places in big, beautiful Australia to settle down in. No city is perfect and each one has its upsides and challenges, but more often the promise of stability and a great quality of life lures first home buyers direct to Perth.

Perth is picture perfect

Despite being one of the most isolated cities, Perth was voted among the top ten most liveable cities in the world (four of the ten best cities are in Australia). The rich culture, stable economy, and lively tourist industry make it worth a visit… and definitely worth settling down in.


Make Room, Make Room!

A look at designs for several house and land packages available in Perth will show varying numbers of bedrooms. Although extra bedrooms in the house can mean additional space, it’s better to determine which house design can suit you for the moment. You can start by answering questions on how many bedrooms you really need.


Sizzling Summer Deals Courtesy of a Trustworthy Perth Home Builder

Australian homebuyers are growing more practical when it comes to choosing residential suburbs. According to real estate info site, suburbs with direct access to major thoroughfares like Mount Hawthorn and Nedlands are the most-searched zones. With a vast network of highways linking Perth and adjacent cities, the daily commute should be less of a problem. Make the quest toward home ownership more rewarding with Buzz Homes' summer madness promo! With a 1 percent deposit, the most trusted home builder in Perth can provide you with the best home your budget can buy. Fancy a home that sits a few feet above ground level? A 900mm top quality cooking appliance package? Exquisite floor coverings and window treatments? We can do all that—and more!

Renowned Perth Home Builder Launches Sizzling Hot Summer Promotion

With summer just over a month away, BuzzHomes, a renowned Perth home builder, has decided to make the weather sizzling hot a little early as the company launches its latest seasonal promotion. Dubbed as Sizzling Summer Madness, the special offering will run from November 1 to 30 of the current year and will give first-time homebuyers enough reason to finally stop renting and start owning the dream house they’ve always wanted. The company’s promotional offering will give first-time homebuyers in Western Australia the chance to buy and build brand new homes that come fully packed with features and additions. As part of this seasonal promo, every customer that signs up will get to have deluxe designer elevations, floor coverings and window treatments from Builder’s Range, and 450x450mm floor tiles for the living areas for their new homes.

WA Real Estate: Essential Info and Tips for Perth First Home Buyers

The Perth housing market has encountered massive growth, thanks to the mining boom that Western Australia is currently in. According to a survey, direct mining employment in Perth experienced a whopping 128 percent increase, rising from 44,491 to 101,698 between 2003 and 2013. With the mining boom in full swing, shopping for a new home can indeed be an exciting time for home buyers everywhere, most especially Perth first home buyers. Unfortunately for the latter, without help or knowledge, you can be susceptible to mistakes that keep you from owning the ideal home at a price you can afford.

Home Builders in Perth, WA: How to Make the Moving Process Easier

You can feel confident with the new home you move into when you have it built by trusted builders in Perth, WA like BuzzHomes. These reliable firms have been realising the dreams of many Australian families for many years, so you know you can fully entrust your housing needs to them. The houses they build offer the perfect balance of quality, affordability, and aesthetics. If you’re moving from another state, the process is going to be more challenging than moving from another city or neighbourhood. Before moving to a Perth community, you need to ensure that you’re compatible with the lifestyle so you won’t find yourself in a hard-to-reverse real estate deal. To make the move easier, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research.

Going for a Baldivis Property

If you’re in the market for house and land packages in the Perth area, it is often prudent to check out which suburbs offer the most number of opportunities for your preferred developer to build your dream house. A look at the marked suburbs can gradually narrow down on one specific suburb that’s generating a lot of buzz in the H&L arena: Baldivis.


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