Perth House Hunting: Seek House and Land Packages

When looking for their first home in the big cities of Western Australia, many opt to go for an apartment or a condo. However, instead of such cramped surroundings, why not go for space as you would have when you buy a house and land package deal in the Perth area. You’ll have to wait for the house to be built to move in, but you get the house you’ve helped design.  Living in a house on your own lot more than offsets the wait and other known risks. Consider these advantages:

  • Savings on Purchase Stamp Duty. Buying any property in Australia usually involves paying stamp duty, a tax dependent on the value of the property you bought. You can save a lot when you buy a house and land package because you are only paying for the land, since the house hasn’t been built yet.

  • Design Flexibility. The main problem when buying a pre-owned home is that rebuilding it according to your own design plan would be too expensive. A house and land package will let you design one which will be built accordingly; no need for renovations that will break your bank. Most builders will be able to show you a wide range of designs that they can build, allowing you to add your own input to it.

  • Tax benefits. You can claim some tax deductions from the home you want to build. You can expect sizable deductions with permanent fixtures you install in your new home. As an example a home costing $250,000 with $30,000 worth of fixtures and fittings can generate $16,000 worth of deductions for the year. 

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