September 2014

BuzzHomes Extends its Popular Promotion for First-Home Buyers in Perth

BuzzHomes, a trusted home builder brand and company in the Western Australia area, is happy to announce the extension of their popular promotion for first-home buyers in Perth. The current promotion, which calls for home-buyers to put up just 1% of the property value as deposit, has been extended after it received an overwhelming number of positive responses from property hunters and newlyweds. The company fully understands that for many first-time homebuyers, the process of searching the market for an affordable and suitable personal domiciles can be one of the toughest tasks they would have to endure. With this in mind, BuzzHomes envisioned the 1% deposit promo as a viable and attractive avenue for prospective clients to have access to quality homes at very flexible terms. Since its rollout, many property buyers have been able to get their first piece of real estate that fits their exact needs and financial capabilities.

What Matters Most in Buying a New Home

When you’re buying a house, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that all your boxes will never get ticked. The chances of finding the perfect house to suit all your needs are next to none. In effect, shopping for a house to live in is an exercise in compromising. That means you’ve got to adjust to what’s available and prioritise certain features you want for your future home.

Location, location, location

Your first priority should be determining the location of your future home. This will have a domino effect on your family’s quality of life eventually. Its distance from important destinations such as commercial and school districts may become a source of stress for everyone. Also consider the quality of the neighbourhood and its influence on the family.

Size matters

Land size is the next priority on your list. Make sure the property is big enough to accommodate the family’s needs, i.e. recreation space, utility area, garden, pool, and the like. Unless you’re interested in some of the new homes for sale in Perth, don’t be put off by minor fixes for the sake of curb appeal.

If it doesn’t work, change it

If the first two items on your priority list are there but there is something about the house’s layout that isn’t working for you, consider remodelling to make it work. Charge it to experience and your efforts to make your home as perfect as possible.

Moving into Your New Perth House and Land: Tips for a Stress-free Move

Indeed, moving into a new home is an activity that very few people would call ‘fun’. The preparation alone can keep you busy for a long time—there’s so much cleaning, planning, and packing up to do. Not to mention, all these need to be done even before you get into your car and be on your way to your new home in Perth. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimise the stress of the process. Below are some tips from that you can use whether you plan to use the services of a removalist, or take care of the move yourself and hire a van or trailer.

More Time to Get Perth House and Land Packages at a Cool 1% Deposit!

Ever dreamed you could stop paying rent and start living in your own home? BuzzHomes can make your dream a reality! We’re extending our 1% deposit promo from 30 September to 31 October 2014. The best house and land packages in Perth have never been so affordable! Owning a house is a lot more beneficial than you think. Aside from the option to customise every area of your home, ownership also allows you to build home equity. You can access this value to meet numerous other expenses, such as home care and co-payments—things you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve as a renter.

New Homes for Sale in Perth: Making the Purchase Process Go Smoothly

Though owning a house is a dream come true for many, the process of purchasing one can be quite a stressful experience because it often involves decisions that come with huge financial and emotional repercussions. Thankfully, with the right kind of planning, knowledge, and a little support, the home-buying process can go as smooth and stress-free as possible. In buying a new home, the first step should always be to look at what you can afford and how you’ll be paying for it. As a financial safety net, it will be wise to ensure that your monthly mortgage payments stay below 25 percent of your gross monthly income.

When Package Deals for First-Home Buyers Work

When checking out housing options for the very first time in your life, some advice thrown your way would delve into getting house and land packages. Advocates of such a housing option may tell you it’s a good choice, but the more they egg you on, the more it stokes your curiosity. This leads first home buyers to direct their efforts at researching why buying a house-and-land is in their favour.
An Array of Flavours
A preferred house and land packages developer will have a variety of pre-drafted architectural designs for you to choose from. Further scrutiny into each of them will also tell you that they are structurally sound and conform to local zoning and building regulations. This saves you the headache and funds for hiring an architect to draft the design- and suddenly realising that what they drafted was not to your specs.
The “land” part of a house-and-land package bears great attention to detail. Many plots eyed by your developer may have full surveys backing them up. In addition, the size of the subject property will short-list the choice of house designs to a few that best suit the place.
Reputable H&L companies will aid you in choosing the package that best works with your financing resources. Depending on the specifications and other factors, they can bill you no more than a couple of hundred dollars a week, starting from the construction kickoff.

Treading Carefully in Buying a House

Buying a new house, especially those you can find through sellers of house land packages in the Perth area, may seem like an offer you can’t refuse. There’s the property and the chosen house design coming together. However, the road to a successful first home will have its own set of challenges for you to handle.
Fine Print
There will be a lot of paperwork needed to finalise the project altogether, but signing on the dotted lines in what you think is record time can be a disaster waiting to happen. As such, you should dedicate some time to read all the documents down to the last line of fine print and clarify unfamiliar things with the developer, who can explain it in simple terms. You also educate yourself on the nuances of home building with every document you read.
Iron is Still Hot
Ask the home builder about the current rates for your prospective property and the market conditions. If there are indications of prices going up before long, you will have to push ahead with the project.
Change Here, Replace there
A house land package is meant to be built according to your preferences and will feature some style cues and quality fixtures. However, what if a look-see through all of the fixtures shows you that a few of them might not fit at all? You will have to talk to your home builder right away about any changes, but be prepared for additional charges.

Choosing a House and Land Package

If you’re thinking of getting a house built, you basically have two options: either buy the house and the land separately, or opt for packages that offer you both for a fraction of the cost. Such packages are typically offered in new development areas, and they often come with a pre-determined house plan that suits the nature of the block of land.
While house and land packages might limit your choice of neighbourhoods, you might find that many of the locations you can choose from are prime real estate, being new developments, that you could eventually profit from or use as an investment. Of course, it’s important that you choose a good location that isn’t too far from your basic needs.
Customised Home
If you’re buying a pre-built home, you basically have no control over how it looks, unless you want to spend a lot on renovations. However, should you choose to have one built from the ground up with the help of an efficient home building firm, you can customise it to your heart’s content without the added cost of renovation.
Choosing a home and land package means that your house is still pretty much non-existent, so all the factors that cause the price of pre-built homes to balloon still cannot be included in the sale. This means that you can get it for a much affordable price than the alternative.

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