Upsides of Buying a New Home

When buying a home, you’ll be making a lot of decisions. One of them is whether to buy a new home or a pre-owned home.
Buying a new home as opposed to a used one has a number of advantages. Obviously, the home will really feel “yours” if no one has lived in it before. Moreover, you can personalise certain aspects of the design. You can customise it to have a good resale value or make it really your own by applying your personal preferences—or try to strike a balance between the two.

A new home also comes with a builder’s warranty. This gives you peace of mind, along with having everything brand new. Appliances and fixtures that come with the building will have a warranty starting from the closing date. Manufacturers may even provide extended warranties for individual appliances. You can also expect long warranty periods for different components such as roofing and other structural systems.
Some people may tell you that new homes are more expensive than pre-owned ones—but that is to be expected and only makes sense. The good thing is that you do get what you pay for—no hidden damages or issues that could eventually crop up. Such problems that may come with pre-owned homes can lead to costly repairs and, worse, health hazards for the occupants. So if you’re a first-time homebuyer in Perth, do consider investing in a new home that is guaranteed to provide you with positive returns—both financially and comfort-wise.

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