New Homes: Blank Canvases for Art Deco Dreams

Art deco will soon be classed as an antique, but the hundred-year-old style can still fit 21st century architectures to a tee. It might sound ironic for something new and something old to match, but new homes can truly be a perfect blank canvas for art deco. The bright and bold design trend can breathe life and personality into modern homes, which are usually built with minimalist concepts.

New homes for sale in Perth, more so, can be customised and furnished with art deco elements. Home builders typically use prefabricated layouts, which you can tweak to incorporate eye-catching geometric features through your choice of exterior elevations, floor coverings, tiles, and other design components. After construction, you can furnish rooms with luxurious furniture, lavish ornaments, and richly-coloured accents to complete the look.
Some Tips for Your Interiors

There is a fine line between good art deco and over-embellishing. Avoid the latter by not cluttering a space with haphazardly strewn or too-mismatched finishes and palettes. For instance, you can stick to monochrome or neutral hues for the major part of your living room, and add a couple of boldly-coloured artworks here and there.

Play with textures and materials like porcelain, marble, glass, and leather, and look for quality pieces that you truly like (not just “investment” items). Add drama to an otherwise dull space with big, rectilinear or curvilinear furniture, which would be the room’s centre of attraction.

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