Beef Up Your Brand-new Home’s Security

When choosing where to build your home in Perth, you might want to get a good idea of the security profile of each prospective neighbourhood beforehand. Yet regardless of the relative lack of security concerns at a particular site, it pays to be involved in your home’s actual design and make sure it has adequate precautionary measures in place.

For instance, many homes have window grills installed to serve as deterrents against theft. To avoid limiting fire escape routes, some families opt for retractable grills. Laminated glass is also an excellent material for windows as it provides added strength without obstructing the view as well as potential egress points.

While a perimeter fence can keep burglars out, it may not be such a good option for homes with limited space. Fortunately, windows and doors made of impact-resistant materials like carbon fibre can help deter thieves. Mesh security screens, which have been tested to hold their own during forced entry, would also make good choices.

Finally, it is advisable to install the optimum number of lighting fixtures on your front yard. Most burglars like to work in the dark, after all, so shining a few lights on strategic points will leave them exposed and unable to do their dirty work.

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