April 2015

Financing Your First Home: What Help Can You Get?

Aussies who want to climb the real estate ladder as homeowners are getting younger and younger. If you’re one of them, do you know where to get help yet? Do you know what kinds of assistance are available for you to take advantage of? Let these give you an idea:

Family First!

Several first home buyers find their parents and relatives instrumental to their purchase. Aside from financial gifts, their family members can also help them secure loans by being a guarantor. Don’t hesitate to ask for help but make sure you’re responsible for repaying your debt.


First Home Buyer Costs to Consider

For years, you’ve laboured to save money for a deposit on your first-ever home. Now, you finally have your target amount, and you’re eager to get the purchase process started. However, perhaps you only looked at the purchase price and didn’t consider additional costs. According to experts, generally, you should expect to pay 10 percent more than your home’s listed price. It’s important to include these additional costs in your computation to avoid headaches later on.

Home loan costs

Lenders typically charge a fee for arranging a home loan. Some of these fees include settlement costs, establishment fees, and services. If you opt to lock your rate, you may have to pay a fixed-rate lock fee as well.


Steps to a New Home: Construction

After ironing out every necessary detail, you finally reached the last step in the process: building the home itself. While you can rest easy at this point, knowing that construction is left in good hands, it pays to check on the project every now and then, wherein homebuyers often have last-minute changes to make at this point of the project.

Sustainable design isn’t limited to the design itself, but highly depends on the builder making that design a full-fledged reality. In building a sustainable home, the builder must also think the same and do everything he can to fulfil that objective. Some examples include using recycled materials, waste and sediment control, and utilising eco-friendly building methods.


Home Builders in Perth, WA Fulfil 3 Essentials for Bathroom Happiness

It’s no secret that bathrooms are high-traffic areas in any home, which is why they receive utmost consideration during the construction phase. These days, an earthy-looking bathroom with features inspired by nature is what most new homeowners want to see in their new homes, and Perth, WA builders, designers, and renovators are quick to adapt to this trend. With this in mind, here is a list of what to consider when planning or building your dream bathroom for your new home: Natural Lighting Natural light shining through your bathroom windows not only makes for a cheerful environment, it also ensures that your bathroom is a healthier place to be in. A dark and dank bathroom is prone to mould growth, which can be hazardous to one’s health. By making sure your bathroom receives plenty of natural light, you significantly reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Steps to a New Home: Financing

There’s a lot to be said about owning a new home, which often causes confusion among first-time homebuyers; however, if you’ll take it nice and slow, you’ll find yourself holding the keys before you even realize what’s right before you. While the law might require you to finish construction as soon as possible, don’t be in too much hurry.

To start things off, ask yourself where you’ll get the money. Homebuyers will need every source of cash they can secure to pay off every penny. For this matter, your bank savings may not be enough. You’ll need the government’s help—and they can provide it to you through a grant.


Perth Home Builder: Eco-Friendly Building Options for Your New Home

In any construction project, balancing considerations such as budget, time, and aesthetics can be a challenge. When building a new house, therefore, be sure to include environmental considerations in your plans and preparations. The products used to build, furnish, clean, and enhance your home must be a part of the greening process. Why go green, you may ask? Thanks to more efficient materials and systems, you can enjoy lower utility bills today and higher resale values later. Likewise, you can contribute to global sustainability efforts that yield long-term economic benefits.

'Hands Off the Super Fund,' Young Perth First Home Buyers Advised

PM Tony Abbott thinks using superannuation to fund first home buyers in Perth is a “perfectly good and respectable” idea, but he also admits that such a proposal entails several issues that need to be addressed. Although Mr Abbott was open to debating superannuation’s pros and cons, various groups, experts, and even members of his staff believe it would bring more trouble than good. Under the national retirement savings policy, which collects 9.5 percent of an employee’s salary, the super fund can only be accessed upon retirement (between 55 and 60 years old) or reaching 65.

House and Land Packages in Perth Can Accommodate the Modern Lifestyle

According to a Perth Now report, builders all over the region remain cognisant of the rising demand for homes built with wireless technology and custom spaces in mind. This trend comes as no surprise, given that a lot more people these days can’t do without their wireless gadgets, digital multimedia collections, and Wi-Fi connectivity, among other creature comforts. For first-time home buyers, it pays to know that affordably priced custom house and land packages in Perth from trusted builders such as BuzzHomes enable one to enjoy the best of what modern living has to offer. Buyers can, for example, choose from a variety of home designs with gorgeous floor plans, remote-control garages, 31 course ceilings, liveable spaces, and tasteful interior features. With both aesthetics and functionality duly covered, homeowners can then turn their attention to other elements.

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