How to Find the Best Suburbs to Live in for First Home Buyers in Perth

Perth alone has 350 suburbs within its jurisdiction, and for those who want to own a house in the hustle and bustle of this populous city, then it might be quite difficult to decide which suburb is the best one for you. Perth first home buyers will have plenty of options to choose from as each location has its own fair share of benefits and advantages. Terry Ryder, founder of and a property observer, lists several Perth hotspots that show the best growth potential. In an article for Perth Now, Mr. Ryder shares how, “The City of Armadale, Belmont, Butler and Rockingham had potential as “ugly ducklings”. “Some suburbs were once shunned as downmarket but now are regarded as trendy – ugly ducklings can transform into real estate swans.” By ugly ducklings, he means suburbs which aren’t very popular but make good prospects for property investments.

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