Make Room, Make Room!

A look at designs for several house and land packages available in Perth will show varying numbers of bedrooms. Although extra bedrooms in the house can mean additional space, it’s better to determine which house design can suit you for the moment. You can start by answering questions on how many bedrooms you really need.
Family Size
The final house design may depend on the size of your family and the nature of the dynamics. Some experts say that if you have a family of four or five, go for a house design that has three or four bedrooms. The largest bedroom in the house can be the masters’ bedroom, while the kids can have one bedroom each– unless they prefer sharing one bedroom and there’s space for a bunk bed. This also factors in when you choose a house that has at least two bedrooms and you’re working on your family planning.
Some homeowners may think about entertaining guests like relatives who want to come over for a few days. You can consider setting aside one bedroom as a guest room.
Other Purposes
There may be some people who are not considering settling down but want their house to have ample space for other things. One good example is to convert one bedroom as a home office or workshop.
People want comfort and privacy in a bedroom. By counting how many bedrooms you need, you help them achieve it.

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