August 2014

Picking a New House Plan

If you’re in the market for new homes for sale in the Perth area, some homebuilders may advise you to go for home and land packages. Think about it, the homebuilder already has an array of plots for your choosing and all that’s needed is to have the house constructed according to pre-approved blueprints. However, choosing the one blueprint is going to make or break your accounts, so you need to tread carefully.


House Builders in Perth, WA Makes Home Ownership as Easy as Possible

Under these conditions, buying property in Perth has become even more attractive than ever. Those who are intimidated by the entire home buying process should consider the services offered by Perth house and land package providers, like Buzz Homes. They make home ownership a smooth and straightforward process, beginning with a set of beautiful home designs their clients can choose from. They then help their clients determine the budget, and identify the location that would meet their budget requirements. While home buyers choose from these providers’ existing home designs, they are still given a lot of room for customization. This is especially true for providers who are also experienced house builders in Perth, WA, as these professionals have the right skills and knowhow to provide customization while keeping within the clients’ budgets.

Home Builders in Perth Make Owning Your Dream House More Affordable

There’s even more good news for those who wish to invest in a home, but are wary about putting up a large upfront payment. Several home builders in Australia are offering affordable house and land packages, under arrangements that particularly favor first time home buyers. In fact, a home builder in Perth like Buzz Homes take every step necessary to help their clients find the right financing that would work with the clients’ financial goals and situations. Home building professionals can also offer other affordable alternatives to their clients, such as beautiful display homes for sale in Perth that are no less attractive than those that are built from scratch, but are ready for immediate occupancy. These homes can be more desirable for those who wish to give up renting immediately, and put their money into a real investment.

House and Land Packages in Perth: 1% Deposit Gets You Your Dream Home!

This year is definitely the best time to invest in house and land packages in Perth as interest rates remain quite low. Banks welcome loan applications, and interest rates are expected to remain affordable for a while longer. But hey! This shouldn't keep you from buying as early as now! Why continue paying rent when you can live in greater comfort within your own personal space? Remember—the money you pay for rent over the years can amount to as much to the cost of a brand-new house. Wouldn’t you rather spend all that money on an asset you can truly call your own?

Buzz Homes Offers 1% Deposit Homes for First Time Home Buyers in Perth

Perth, Western Australia (August 6, 2014) – Buzz Homes, a home building company, announced their new promo that will allow first home buyers in Perth to own their dream home for just a deposit of 1% of total home value. Buzz Homes is now offering first home buyers an affordable option to buy a new home. They are also offering first home owners grants worth $10,000 for eligible applicants that can be deducted on property taxes. Applicants can choose from a variety of home designs that are modern in style and unique in quality. With an affordable deposit price and a first home buyers’ grant for Perth residents, this is the most affordable deal Buzz homes can offer. The promo will run from August 23, 2014 to September 30, 2014.

The Perfect Time to Buy a Home

When is the perfect time to buy your first home? It’s a question commonly asked by people who are currently renting. The answer however, is not that cut-and-dry. It all boils down to whether you feel purchasing a home is the right step for you. However, there are certain life factors that do help make the decision-making process easier, such as:


Perth House Hunting: Seek House and Land Packages

When looking for their first home in the big cities of Western Australia, many opt to go for an apartment or a condo. However, instead of such cramped surroundings, why not go for space as you would have when you buy a house and land package deal in the Perth area. You’ll have to wait for the house to be built to move in, but you get the house you’ve helped design.  Living in a house on your own lot more than offsets the wait and other known risks. Consider these advantages:


Picking the Best Lot Out There

Going for house and land packages through Perth developers may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. The “land” part of the equation deserves a lot of study, given that the developer will only have a select list of plots to help you choose where to have your dream home built. There are some cardinal points to take into mind.


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