Financing Your First Home: What Help Can You Get?

Aussies who want to climb the real estate ladder as homeowners are getting younger and younger. If you’re one of them, do you know where to get help yet? Do you know what kinds of assistance are available for you to take advantage of? Let these give you an idea:

Family First!

Several first home buyers find their parents and relatives instrumental to their purchase. Aside from financial gifts, their family members can also help them secure loans by being a guarantor. Don’t hesitate to ask for help but make sure you’re responsible for repaying your debt.

Gifts from the Government

The Western Australian government offers grants to first-time home buyers. For a new home, you can get $10,000 if you’re qualified for the First Home Owners Grant. You may also get incentives or rebates when you participate in the government’s energy, water and waste management schemes for homeowners.

Home Builders with Comprehensive Services

Aside from offering new homes for sale in Perth, established home builders may have comprehensive services, including financing assistance. Their specialists or assigned representatives can connect you with lenders so you can get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Afterwards you can explore your financing options and find out which one has the terms and conditions that best suit your situation or the institution that lends you enough money to buy the home you want.

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