Steps to a New Home: Construction

After ironing out every necessary detail, you finally reached the last step in the process: building the home itself. While you can rest easy at this point, knowing that construction is left in good hands, it pays to check on the project every now and then, wherein homebuyers often have last-minute changes to make at this point of the project.

Sustainable design isn’t limited to the design itself, but highly depends on the builder making that design a full-fledged reality. In building a sustainable home, the builder must also think the same and do everything he can to fulfil that objective. Some examples include using recycled materials, waste and sediment control, and utilising eco-friendly building methods.

Some builders aren’t certified as sustainable companies, but best practices should be part of any home building doctrine. By the end of any project, all you need to do is settle the final details with the builder and enter your new home. Cleanup of the project site and packing up are typically the responsibility of the builder.

Note that the completion of the house won’t be the end of the owner-builder relationship. Circumstances can change, and there will come a time when the owner might require the builder’s services again.

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