The Principles and Advantages of Passive Design

Heat waves and mini heat waves are getting more common in Perth. In fact, there have been days when temperatures soared past 40-degrees. As a result, homeowners are finding it more challenging to keep their home comfortable (and keep energy bills in check to boot.)

If you will be moving to a new home or building one, consider passive design. Essentially, this architectural trend aims to help maintain a comfortable home temperature through the strategic construction and style of the home. Aside from helping the occupants of the home stay cool amid a warm climate, passive design can also help reduce the need for aggressive auxiliary heating and cooling and contribute to lessening your energy costs.

Mainly, the home will be designed specifically for the climate. It will be oriented to take advantage of cooling breezes and to prevent glaring sun exposure. It will be installed with materials or features to promote insulation and shading to become barriers against heat. Energy efficiency will be prioritised in designing the roof, siding, windows, and other home features.

Buying house and land packages in Perth can help you attain a home with a passive design. From choosing the ideal location of your home to constructing it with efficient heating and cooling in mind, you can better plan, discuss, and accomplish your visions with the home builder.

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