Essential Features of a Family-friendly Home

Starting a family can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding phases of your life. Since you’ll all be under one roof for a long time, it makes sense to make your abode highly conducive to family living. Here are the essential features of a family-friendly home.
A nursery in the master’s bedroom
Aside from the ability to monitor your young ones, placing the nursery in your bedroom provides you time to design your child’s room based on his or her personality. When your child is finally old enough to sleep alone, you can convert the space into a study area.

Teen’s area
Growing kids prefer more privacy. Give them some space where they can entertain friends, listen to music, or play video games. This gives the rest of the family time to bond in the living room while teens do their thing.
Pet zones
For many people, a home wouldn’t be complete without a pet. You may want to place your pet’s bed, food, toys, and crate in one area, or build a pet bath station to save on grooming time.
All-inclusive, open plan kitchen

A functional family kitchen can serve as a dining area where everyone can converge for breakfast or dinner, watch shows on the telly, and quickly grab snacks from cabinets stocked with goodies. Mum should be able to oversee other areas of the home from the kitchen so she can keep an eye on the little ones while preparing meals.

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