3 Things to Consider for Your Home’s Floor Plan

The floor plan is among the primary considerations when having your home built for the first time in Perth. Your home’s layout may spell the difference between comfort and future necessary renovations if it fails to meet the household’s needs. Whether you’re drawing the floor plan from scratch or studying that of a home model being presented to you, here are some important things to consider:

Noise: High traffic areas such as the living room, kitchen, and garage are better situated near the home front and on the ground floor while those that need more privacy and silence, such as the study room, should be located, ideally, the farthest up or close to the back of the house.
Spare Room: Regardless of whether you’re yet to start a family, have kids who are leaving for college or will be retiring soon, consider having an extra room that you can use as a nursery which can then be converted to a hobby or media room as your kids grow, and eventually as an extra bedroom for guests.
Space: You may opt to enclose the lounge and the kitchen, but an open floor plan is more suitable if you have kids to look after while doing other household chores. Make sure there’s enough space for every member of your family to comfortably spend time at home.
A good floor plan affords you both comfort and flexibility. Take note of the factors mentioned above when planning or choosing your Perth home’s layout.

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