Making a Designer Home on a Budget: It’s Possible!

New homes for sale in Perth are ripe with design opportunities, and with their contemporary layouts and features, you can easily turn any of them into a designer home after the construction phase. You won’t have to splurge on luxury brands, though; you just need to keep a few pointers from home design experts in mind.

Establishing a Focal Point

There should always be a star in every show, and in this case, you should designate something in rooms as the centre of attention. It could be a grand headboard in your bedroom, a state-of-the-art hood in the kitchen, or the landscaping in your courtyard. Use lighting and supporting decorations to accent these focal points and draw eyes to them.

Minding the Windows and Walls Hangings

If your walls are painted with neutral shades, they can be perfect backdrops to elaborate drapes or artwork. Layer richly coloured curtains with sheers, or choose drapery with elegantly subtle floral prints. Hang mirrors or bold artwork at the right heights, so the reflective accent or decorative piece makes a statement.

Preventing Overcrowding or Clutter

Adding too much elements or letting your everyday items clutter the rooms can be visually noisy, disrupting what would otherwise be a tranquil environment. Such disorder can take away the attention from your key pieces. Use storage furniture wisely to stow away magazines and other items easily, and maximise the storage spaces of your home for those extra, unusable furnishings.

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