How Single and Double-Storey Homes Fare in Perth

A lot of new home listings in Western Australia seem to be for single-storey properties. Do these homes offer more benefits to first home owners than double-storey houses?

Today, it's virtually pointless to argue that one option is better than the other. Instead, buyers are advised to consider their needs. Here are the distinct features either floor plan offers.

Single-Storey for Retirees

Perth must soon cater to an ageing population, which is expected to increase by up to 20 percent in 20 years. Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi has, in fact, placed housing as one of the top priorities in future preparations for an age-friendly city. As single-storey homes don't need staircases, seniors don't have to worry about mobility and safety.

Double-Storey for Must-Go-Big Buyers

The average lot size in Perth has shrunk to 415 square metres in 2013, but more new homes are just registering at below 200 square metres. For nuclear families, a single-storey home with these dimensions might not provide enough living space. Double-storey homes provide living space by expanding vertically instead of horizontally, helping with zoning compliance.

Whichever type of home you prefer, be sure to put your budget and needs first. A reliable home builder can shed light on your possible options based on your preferences.

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