Tips to Make Open Plan Spaces Look More Organized

Open floor plans are available in many new homes for sale in Perth today. Basically, it combines the main rooms (dining, living, and kitchen) into a single area to optimize the use of space. It gives more square footage to move around and lets in more natural lighting to brighten up the home. An open floor plan is also ideal for families and social gatherings. For instance, a parent can watch over the kids or entertain visitors in the living room even when performing some kitchen chores.

However, the challenge with an open floor plan is delineating space between rooms yet still keeping the distinctions subtle. Here are some tips for first homebuyers:

Use shelves as dividers
While some shelves need to be placed against walls, you can use some to serve slight partitions. A shelf beside the kitchen or your entertainment unit with its back to the dining will give each area a more distinguished look. Make sure that they’re not too tall to block the view of the other room when you’re seated or too bulky for the pathways.

Create contrast with colour
An open floor plan uses a single colour throughout the backdrop, but you can make areas appear separated by varying your colour themes. Bright pillows in the living room, kitchen cabinets with neutral paints, and dining tables with solid tones, as well as pieces of artwork and figurines, will do a great job in making each of your spaces livelier.

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