Complying with Int’l Energy Efficiency Standards

An energy efficient home is built using technological improvements in construction materials and techniques that permit a homeowner to save on energy costs. These improvements are integrated into the home itself to provide comfort and good health, as well as contribute to its aesthetics.

The first energy-efficient homes were expensive to build because the materials and labour were likewise costly. Today, energy efficiency in a home can be achieved at a very affordable price.

When purchasing a new home, you need to find out how it fares against the modern energy efficiency standards set by the best in the construction industry. One way to do this is to research the International Energy Agency (IEA) information paper ‘Energy Efficiency Requirements In Building Codes, Energy Efficiency Policies For New Buildings’ and see for yourself how your home measures up to the paper’s set standards.

The IEA information paper is a major regulatory tool that helps building contractors construct energy-efficient commercial and residential structures. IEA member countries include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, and the Czech Republic, among many others.

The best home builders in the field make sure to comply with the international standards set by organisations like the IEA. Purchasing your new home from them ensures you get the most out of your new home in terms of energy efficiency.

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